Company Secretarial Services

MARC1 prides itself on providing company secretarial and legally experienced practitioners to provide practical commercial solutions and succinct legal advice to clients. MARC1’s services are tailored for our clients’ needs – now and in the future. The right experienced team will be put together to provide routine corporate administration through to sophisticated governance consulting as well as practical legal advice, depending on our clients’ needs from time-to-time.

MARC1 is an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) registered agent.

We can provide our services to ASX/NSX listed, public unlisted, proprietary, foreign and not-for-profit entities as well as public sector entities and state owned corporations. We regularly advise Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers and other senior company executives (such as Chief Financial Officers, Company Secretaries and General Counsels and senior Human Resources Managers).

MARC1’s practitioners can:

  • be appointed as an outsourced company secretary (including be appointed to the statutory position of company secretary)
  • be appointed as a part-time company secretary
  • act as a fill-in or contract company secretary (and assist when an unforeseen vacancy within a company secretarial department arises or for a short-term assignment during instances like annual or parental leave)
  • provide ad hoc or ongoing company secretarial support
  • provide independent advice to directors and officers

Regardless of whether our appointment is as statutory company secretary or to provide ad-hoc advice, our company secretarial services traverse many necessary disciplines.

MARC1 provides the following Company Secretarial services:

Corporate Governance

  • All ASIC and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) filings;
  • Management of board and committee processes, including the preparation of agendas, minutes and records;
  • Maintenance of all statutory registers, including the share register;
  • Monitoring, analysing and reporting of all share trading activity;
  • Liaison with ASX and ASIC, including attending to ASX and ASIC queries;
  • Management of the release process for ASX announcements, including timing and content;
  • Ensuring compliance with all legislation and listing rules and the provision of input and advice on good corporate governance, including conducting probity and compliance audits;
  • Preparation and maintenance of corporate governance policies in accordance with ASX requirements;
  • Management of shareholder relations, communications and queries; and
  • Preparation of annual reports, preparation and conduct of annual and extraordinary general meetings and the conduct of polls.

Annual Reporting/AGM Season Advisory

  • Assisting with the annual reporting requirements
  • Drafting notices of meeting, managing shareholder meetings and producing minutes from those meetings

Shareholder/Corporate Action Advisory

  • Liaising with the share registry on key shareholder matters
  • Drafting documentation for, and project management of, secondary raisings such as rights issues, share purchase plans and other pro-rata entitlement issues

Board of Directors Advisory

  • Advising on periodic/ad-hoc items for board and committee consideration
  • Drafting company secretarial contributions to board and committee papers
  • Attending board and committee meetings and producing minutes and matters arising from those meetings
  • Drafting circular resolutions, subsidiary minutes, authorisations under delegation
  • Directors’ duties advice

HR Advisory

  • Drafting employment/remuneration related policies
  • Draft the remuneration philosophy for inclusion in the statutory remuneration report
  • Drafting employee equity plan documentation (terms and conditions, rules, invitations)

Corporate Administration

Our corporate administration services are performed under legal supervision and include:

  • Local company incorporations and de-registrations
  • Foreign company/branch office registrations and dissolutions
  • Business name, ABN, TFN and GST registration
  • Bank account establishment
  • Attending to annual ASIC returns and regular filings
  • Appointment as registered agent with ASIC
  • Appointment as local agent for foreign registered companies
  • Provision of registered office
  • Drafting directors’ resolutions, for example:
  1. share issues
  2. approval of statutory financial accounts
  3. annual solvency resolution
  4. change of directors or officers
  • Drafting shareholder or member resolutions, for example:
  1. appointment of directors
  2. change of company name
  3. amendment to the constitution
  4. capital reductions
  • Reviewing, updating and maintenance of statutory registers in accordance with the Corporations Act
  • Administering a dedicated members’ registry service for large proprietary/unlisted public companies
  • Reviewing, updating and maintenance of corporate registers, including contracts registers, IP registers, directors’ interests registers etc

Chief Financial Officer Services

Simplify your business

With an increasing focus on corporate governance and complicated regulatory requirements, it’s not that easy to keep it simple. Employing a full-time financial department with specialist knowledge of your organisation’s requirements can be costly; but without expert advice you increase the risk of inefficiency and uninformed decisions. That’s where outsourcing comes in.

Outsourced CFO services

The CFO Solution gives you access to as much or as little financial support as you require, with scalable services tailored to the specific needs of your company. From a part-time bookkeeper to an entire financial and company secretarial department, you can have access to skilled finance professionals as, and when, you need them.

With CFO services including financial reporting, corporate compliance, due diligence, and secretarial systems, we’ve got the tools you need, all for a fraction of the cost of running your own financial department.

Our experienced staff become part of your core business team, providing solid advice to management and ensuring informed decision-making, timely and accurate reporting, and reduced operating costs.

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